NayaTel Internet Speed

What is the Internet?

Internet is a see of information flowing between the devices connected to the Internet. It generally is used for data sharing big resouses, watching online videos, using a social network for connecting with friends and wold, reading online newspaper, increasing productivity, and more subjects if you need all things available on internet. With time, the Internet has become so important that it has become the reason to use the computer. Internet was discovered to keep people connected within the organizations on a small scale, and after its launch, the public started using it for data sharing between two or more organizations.

What is Internet Speed Test?

Every Internet user connected to the Internet has a different connections, and each connection is provided by some ISP. The Internet service providers provide each Internet user a list of packages. Each package offered by ISPs variates from each other regarding the Downloading speed, Upload speed Once a user gets a suitable package, the ISP provides the Internet to a user's premises. The Download Speed and Upload Speed provided to a user depend on the package they selected with ISP.

Nayatel Internet Broadband Speed Test

Nayatel Internet is a fiber to the home Internet provider providing services to major cities of Pakistan including but not limited to Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar as of writing. Nayatel was launched initially in 2002 as a DSL provider, and later this company launched FTTH (Fiber to the home) service to its consumers. This step leads the company to grow to the extent it never grew before.

End-to-end fiber technology is what this company promises to its consumers, and they know how to achieve the goals promised. In the visit to several areas, we found the installation of Nayatel's cutting edge technology regarding the Internet. Fiber requires under-ground cabling, and this is what they do to achieve this goal and to give consumers the quality and speed as promised.

What Factors Effect Internet Speed?

As the Internet is based on wired and wireless connections, so there comes multiple factors which effects the Internet speed. Various factors which affect the Internet speed of wired connection are damaged copper or fiber cable, high voltage cables near your Internet cable, extreme weather conditions, moisture on damaged cable, etc. Other factors are tower distance, high-frequency cables near your premises, extreme weather, and more factors effect your wireless connections.